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“I immediately fell in love with her profound ability to write music that’s simultaneously beautiful, complex and infectiously catchy.”

-Taylor Tash, Off Broadway Playwright of Night Tide and Accomplice: The Village.


“I've heard a number of Nathania Wibowo's songs and have admired her ease with melody and her sense of musicality. "Wanderlust Queen" is a well written up-tempo song, handled with a feeling for playfulness and sophisticated fun. "Something Went Wrong" weaves a sweet melody around dark harmonies to create a stirring emotional mood. Nathania applies her extensive education and background in the theatre with sincere diligence and devotion. I can also say that she is a delightful person to know and a dedicated collaborator with her lyricists.”

-Frederick Freyer, BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop


“I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the music!! It has the integrity of a musical, but is just serving what is there...and what is there is its own thing. "Blazing Trails" is exciting - hopeful, melodic, folky, and feels like the beginning of a journey.”

-Joe Barros,  Director of Insult To Injury, 

Artistic Director of New York Theatre Barn

“…she impressed me with her creativity and theatricality in her songwriting… The duet "Little Dreamers" features captivating melodies, a rhytmic accompaniment, and fresh harmonies, all perfectly suited to an older character and a younger ingénue. "That's Where Babies Come From," a song of two gay fathers talking to their daugther, features hilarious one-liners and an especially good song concept.”

-Kevin Bleau,  Jury of Curtain Up! Berklee College of Music

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